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MBO Systems Inc is a company specialized in selling banking equipment coin counters, coin sorters, coin wrappers, bank note counters with counterfeit detection, bank note counterfeit detectors), security equipment (shredders) and machines to bind documents (binders). Mister Claude Beaumont is the sole owner of this company founded in 1997. The strength and expertise of Mr. Beaumont resides in his 20 plus years in the banking equipment domain acquired at the Haliburton & White group where he occupied the position of vice-president of marketing.

The mission of MBO Systems consists of distributing quality equipment, at the best possible cost and this through a network of distributors. However the company disposes of a sales force to develop sales whit financial institutions ( Caisses Populaires, banks and government) and organizations ( city's, Montreal Transportation Society, McDonald group, Utlramar, Rona, Famous Players, Canadian Tire, Costco…)


MBO Systems


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